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    My crushed words

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    Life's too short to leave the important words unsaid!! consider things left unsaid and my thoughts unexpressed that may be valuable to u...& I promise you will have precious time !!!

    Sunday, 4 December 2016

    That evening......!!!

    It’s not easy being a mother...if it were easy,  a father would do it!! Ha ha...

    Mom...Someone who 
    sees the best in her kid even when they drive her crazy...Mom...Unconditional love..!!!!Agree????
    It  was one of the fine evenings, as always  dad was busy with the news channel  discussing the hot issue “demonetisation”, & I nicely settled in the middle of the bed spreading all the books around me (Yeah...no imaginations...They were all story books and magazines!!!) & was busy with one, reading interestingly...

    “It has been 21 years I got married. One day my wife said me...”I know you love me  more than anyone in this world...but I also know that you‘re loved by another woman more than the love I have for you & I feel it would be better if you spend a day with her..!! I was dismayed by my wife asking it to me and qualmishly asked, “What??”.But she smiled at me and held my hands gently.....................

    Suddenly a voice broke out...it was my mom...! It seemed as though she was calling me...so I jumped from the bed and was tracking her voice. It was from the roadside. I then peeped from the balcony where I saw a group of ladies engaged themselves with arguments and discussions on relevant & irrelevant issues. One thing that never fails to surprise me about such groups is that all women think that they alone are speaking while all the others are listening to them.So, all of them speak at the same time interrupting each other’s sentences; and no one hears the other person fully to understand what she’s saying! But still, they love to be ganged...! What a pity?? Ha ha...

    Anyways, it's my illusion it seems...because they were seriously talking about standing in a distressing queue before banks for withdrawing money! So I came back and continued reading.....

    .................................. it would be better if you spend a day with her..!! I was dismayed by my wife   asking this to me and qualmishly asked, “What??”.But she smiled at me and held my hands gently. She said, “She’s none other than your mom”.

    Nearly twenty years back my father died and my mom is aloof in her house & these days, I have been hanging busy with my job, wife, and two sons and so on.....

    Actually, she discursively reminded me that it has been a long I paid a visit to mom’s house. I really felt bad & I gave a ring to my mother. She didn’t expect my call and solicitously asked me,” Is everything okay??”Because it's around  10 pm  I rang her. I replied, “nothing mom, It has been long I talked to you & just put a call through.Shall we go for an outing this Friday??

    She replied with awe,”outing!!!!” 

    .I told,”yes...Outing! You and me alone, first somewhere in a restaurant for a nice dinner and then to cinema”. Again, she didn’t expect this from me! She told in a blithe voice, “I will be awaiting that day”

    As planned, I went to pick her after my office hours. She was wearing the Saree which I gifted her for last birthday. With the smiling face and those eyes filled with bliss, she appeared like an angel to me!!

    She said, “I told all my friends that I’m going out for dinner with my son and they were incredulously surprised”. I felt some profound happiness in her words, slang, accent everything and definitely my words cannot express that delectation & peace of mind  I had on seeing her face.!Then, we went to the nearby restaurant. 

    The waiter gave the menu card. The letters in it were too small that she couldn’t read.So, I read for her & she ordered. She was smiling at me. I looked at her for the meaning of her smile.”When you were young, I read it for you and now you read it for me”, she replied. I smiled.

    We were dining very slowly but talked so much. It was as though the time was fleeting like the salt dissolving in hot water.It was finally 10 pm and we totally forgot  our plan to movie & hence decided to return home.she also said me,"when we come for dinner next time, I will only pay for us". I replied with a  smirk," as you wish mom ",. After returning my wife asked me about the dinner. I said her, “thank you, dear, it was because of you I had some beautiful moments in my life”

    A few months later, my mom died of cardiac arrest and yesterday when I went to her house, one of the neighbours gave me a cover. I opened it and read...

    “Dear son ... 
                           I kept on revolving those moments which we enjoyed during that dinner because they were the best moments in my life. I know I will not be alive for longer days, and I have attached a bill with this. It’s nothing but the bill of the same table in the same restaurant.Yes! I have reserved it for you & your wife.God bless you!
    Ever loving mom.....!

    Tears dribbled down from my eyes as  I read it...”
       I closed the book and simply lied down.             
    Then I jumped from the bed as I heard my mom’s voice. This time it’s not my illusion! I felt to hug her. 
    I hugged her and told,” I love you, mom”. 
    she too hugged and asked me,”temme dear what did you break this time, cup or saucer?”.
    .I smiled with those tears trickling from my eyes.

    With smiles.
     Swathi     💚
    (Investing myself  completely in the art of living)