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    Monday, 27 February 2017

    Osama Bin Laden -Virtually an inspiration!

    Memories are the timeless treasures of the heart.Agree???

    I love those random memories that make me smile, no matter what’s going on in my life right now.

    It was one such day which will be that random memory for me when I think of my college days even after years. Yeah! I have my communication skills laboratory this semester. I was not able to attend my first lab since I attended an IOT workshop. And my friend informed me later that there was an assignment that needs my attention on random topics by next lab. The workshop dragged for three days & I had so many assignments to be completed from other core subjects. So, I didn’t give much importance to the skills laboratory assignment just browsed the internet & merely copied the biography of Osama Bin Laden from history in an hour site & submitted the paper.

    Then, on that day, we all entered the lab. I saw huge speakers & nearly 30 headphones attached with each system, & it actually didn’t seem to be a lab, I felt like as though I entered into an IFB call-centre. He...he.Yeah! The other laboratories had only circuits with CRO’s, FG’s and multimeters, thus it appeared very different for me to look at this new arena. We then sat and the professor came. He recollected what happened in the last laboratory hour & said that each student should come with the assignment & talk for 5 minutes on what they have written the assignment. Everybody nodded their head while I was in a shock.I immediately tingled my friend and whispered, “What is this yaar???”
    She gave a very bad reaction,”oh! Yeah, dii!! I forgot to tell you! He told this already in the previous session & am really sorry dear!”, she told in a hushed tone. Even if she had told me before I would’ve come without any preparation only. That’s a different issue! But at least I would’ve chosen a far better topic than Osama Bin laden!!
    Gosh! This was 2nd batch, the number starts from 6070  and my number is 6078. I turned the pages of my assignment and all that was there was the chronological dates with historical events. I was perplexed, how could I possibly mug up the dates & its events within the time 6070 to 6077 deliver their speech???. I was taken aback!!!

    OMG! The number was then 6073 &  there were butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t know what to speak. Certainly, Osama was not on my mind till then. As I tried to visualise, all I could see was a white, long-bearded, & the twin towers collapsing.
    Okay, then...what about his profession? I have always respected successful people. I immediately realised, "Yo! He was the most successful man, in his kind of work. He was considered to be the world’s numero UNO terrorist. He was passionate about his cause. In fact, he had all the traits & characteristics of historic people.
    Then my brain intervened,” but...but .... was his cause right?...people were dying and creating an imbalance in an  otherwise peaceful world. His entire system seemed so destructive”

    I thought if only there was a transformation in his value system, his outlook to what he was doing to this world would change, and then this world would have become much safer and better place to live in. I then realised that this is not just the case with Osama, but the case with a lot of us!
    We might be best in our industry, but if we don’t check our basic value system, in creating what we want, we may destroy a lot of other. I have seen the elite and top co-operate executives smoking in public, spitting on the road and cutting the traffic signals. Black money has become synonymous with business people and IT raids, a privilege of the rich! Somewhere we can still hear a father telling his child to utter a lie on his behalf, “Tell the caller, I am not at home right now”
    We are not still free from dowry harassment, women being belittled for not bearing a child, & drunken men beating their wives. Honesty, punctuality, mutual respect, compassion etc., still looks good only in moral science books. In the name of religion, we have imposed repressions and in the name of culture, we have suppressions.

    It’s hard to digest, but we must ask ourselves. Except in degree, how are we different from Osama?

    If only we become aware of what we are doing, and change even one thing that is not right, that affects other people, and make a difference to where we live, to that degree we get rid of Osama in us!

    The moment I heard 6078, I came back from my visualisations, put 0n my shoes confidently & went to deliver my speech. Finally, I concluded by saying, “Let’s heal the world & make it a better place for you & for me & for the entire human race”
    Huff! After those cheers and applause, I came back and sat.

    My brain again intervened, “you idiot! Don’t repeat this stupidity again. Understand the purpose of which you write your assignment and for god sake never copy again!”
    My heart interrupted, “Oh shut up you work less! It’s only because of the impromptu speech, you came to realise your presence of mind and your hold on language. And this is the only purpose of having a skills laboratory.”
    My brain again said,” It’s only me who should work and squeeze myself to fetch your presence of mind.”
    The heart had no words to argue further & this is how my life goes balancing between the decisions of heart and brain!

     Finally, one villain entered into my art collections this year!(He....he he..)

    With smiles...
    (Investing myself completely in the art of living)


    1. Awesome art work swathi

    2. Did you know that the earth can only support a population of about 8 billion and about 10 billion if all the people go vegan? You'd still need arable lands for the vegan food. The estimated population is 11 billion by '50. The fertility rates are declining. Earth's becoming hotter everyday. More diseases. More calamities. If the terrorists did not, nature will find a way to cull Earth's "human" population. I think the terrorists are doing a great job. Let them bomb more. Kill more. Which is better, thousands every once a while or billions only once leaving the rest suffering for another century? Wouldn't you call it fate if nature brought something terribly apocalyptic on all of humanity? Population is a serious issue and I have to admit I have thought of culling the population myself a few times. Hell, I even have plans and contingencies. Wait till I have enough resources and I just might..... Don't say I didn't warn.

    3. (LOL)Indeed we call it fate if nature is terribly apocalyptic on us...this is unthought view but true!
      And thanks for concerning me this much publicly( he ..he) and I will be alert anyhow...but I don't think you will make that eventuality occur encompassing where you live.So, I'm preferably safe!!!

      1. Oh no. Your assumptions couldn't be more wrong. What makes you think I wouldn't harm anything around me? If I intend to initiate a culling process, neither me nor the ones I love should be left out. That just wouldn't be right. I will probably let nature decide who gets to carry forward the fate of humanity. I will just be accelerating the process with my plans. You're thinking I might be paranoid. I might. You and me will never know.

      2. The actual fact is, I thought I lost it, that I chose Osama Bin Laden for my presentation. But it is a blessing in disguise! Thank god I was awakened!!!