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    Wednesday, 3 August 2016

    What are you turning out to be?

    A good number of people prefer to be in a job that would involve the least amount of sweat, but at the same time give them a steady income. They would stick to the job, no matter what it entails. Whether you sweat more or sweat less in your job is hardly the point. What is becoming of you over a period of time is the ultimate question to ask. Whatever profession you are in, whether it is sales or healthcare, education or technology, manufacturing or entertainment.... what you get in return for your services is secondary. The primary focus ought to be, what kind of skill you are developing while you are at work. Are you able to solve the work-related issues better than before? What kind of skills you need to develop to handle future challenges?

    You spend the biggest chunk of your day at work. And, if you feel happy and fulfilled at work, your chances of being happy as a person as a whole are high.
    On the contrary, if you are carrying the burden of work, it will definitely tear you apart in the long run. If you find yourself saying, “oh no, not another Monday morning”, then something needs to be done without delay.

    The best way to measure your progress is to see what you are becoming. The good news is where you are (or start), is not where you have to stay, and what you get need not define what you can become.

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