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    Life's too short to leave the important words unsaid!! consider things left unsaid and my thoughts unexpressed that may be valuable to u...& I promise you will have precious time !!!

    Sunday, 8 January 2017

    Unposted letter

    Hello, readers!
    I amazingly had a great start this year, & hope you too had the same. By the bye, I want my first post of this year to be a special one to me & I'm writing it, this way!

    The maths teacher wrote ’1000’ on the board and asked the student who was constantly disturbing the class, “How much is this?”. Confident! .Yet, embraced by the simplicity of the question, the boy replied, “One thousand". Now the teacher added a zero to the right and pointing at ‘10000’ again inquired, “Now, how much?”.”Ten thousand”, came the prompt reply. Now the teacher added another zero, but this time to the  left of ‘1’ and pointing at ‘010000’ again inquired,”Now, how much?”“The same ....Ten thousand, “the boy replied. The teacher smiled, winked and then said, “When an insignificant number follows a significant number, it gains value. When the same insignificant number tries to go ahead of the significant number, then it has no value. And, so is the relationship between a teacher and a student. When a student follows the teacher, he gains value. The other way round...I don’t need to state the obvious...

    He.. he... Yes! I want my post to be on my teachers! Nothing can be so special for me than my teachers, may it be from school or college! There are so many teachers I have come across starting from my kindergarten, but not all were this much special to me. You may all get astonished wondering about the reasons why I have chosen to write about them, who are they,& what importance do they hold in my life!
    They are my school teachers. One Mrs.Mohana Sivakumar & the other one Mr.Krishnamoorthy.

    Yes! Ramakant Achrekar was not a better cricketer than Sachin Tendulkar, yet it was his coaching that showed Sachin Tendulkar to Sachin Tendulkar & in turn showed him to the world.Timmy Gullison could’ve never defeated Pete Sampras, but it was Timmy who revealed Sampras to himself. O.M.Nambiar was no match for P.T.Usha, but it was he, who presented India with one of the greatest athlete this land has seen.

    In fact, it's the same way for me.They didn’t just teach me the subject but, they taught me what life is! I am missing them a lot since I don’t have any of their contacts & to be truthful I never even tried to get their contacts because I honestly don’t want to reply them that I am doing my Engineering now! The very next day after I achieve my dream, would be the day I wish to contact them & reply them spelling "my dream career". But still, I’m missing them and hereby post my unposted letter to them.

    Unposted letter # 1

    To Mrs.Mohana Sivakumar! (My grade seven & eight mathematics teacher)
    Dear ma’am,
    This is one of your mischievous students drafting this letter to you.You were with me when I was eleven & now I’m twenty! Of course, I am now 5’4 feet but still, you are my favourite teacher. I was not that good in mathematics, but it was you who kept on working with me & believe me, I am now doing my engineering with good grades. I still cherish those remedial classes for which I desirably added myself just to make minutes as my memories with you & the math! And I do remember that big laugh you & Sudha ma’am broke out on that crazy complaint I made on “Pythagoras”.Sometimes, I laugh very badly thinking on what I did. You are not with me now! But your face is still imprinted in my mind & your words keep on pronouncing into my ears. Yes! Whenever I’m discouraged of anything or by anyone, I tend to get your smiling face before my eyes & feel your voice, the words that you spell often, “Doesn’t matter...Leave!”
    And whenever I feel that my response for something should be more & am not showing that much effort on it, you appear to me showing your forefinger & telling, “Don’t take life easy always”
    Yeah! You are always with me... & to be truthful till date I have never found any teacher like you. You are very special to me in my life! It’s from you, I learnt how to make our role full-fledged in life! Thank you so much for meaning this much to me!

    Fortunately your kid!

    Unposted letter # 2

    To my English teacher Mr.Krishnamoorthy!

    Dear Sir!
    The greatness of a teacher is to show the student, how capable he is & the greatness of a student is to live up to the capability he has been shown. Today I have a good hold on language & more than that a rich attitude for performing on stages, only because of you! It’s you who paved me with various opportunities & moral support.Thank you so much, for you have never failed to encourage me! Everything has been a challenge in this corporate world & no day I forgot to thank you for the motivation you offered me! My blog is incomplete without your comment. I deeply desire that you will go through it someday! I wish to know about you & where are you, and I will be eagerly waiting for that one day you will feel proud of me!

    With lots of respect...
    Blessed to be your student!  

    With smiles...
    (Investing myself completely in the art of living)


    1. Nice one! This post is nostalgic, bringing up several memories of VP.. Good work.. keep going:)

    2. Hai!da one of the best writeups I have read till now 😊 every word in this post speaks your heart. I hope both the teachers read this soon 😊😊 stay blessed ma😊😊

    3. Ah!
      Thank you so much for your wishes.