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    Thursday, 12 January 2017

    Images compete...

    Through the wilderness of my mind’s landscape
    A thousand images compete for space

    A snapshot of a section of this pictorial chaos
    Unfolds before you.
    The exhilaration of a summer today
    Freshening, virginal rain shower
    A thin veil of cloud-mist crossing
    A shy full moon, ushered along by
    A tender breeze from the Deep South.
    A beggar’s tatters, oversewn with stitches of poverty and pain
    The searing agony that accompanies the plight of a dying child’s sigh!
    The jubilation of an operation well done and the grateful tears of loved one
    The quiet joy of basking your parent’s pride at a life saved
    The tearing feeling of witnessing the progressive rot of a human body
    It’ innards by cancer flayed....
    Award functions and medal,
    A mother’s smile the heartache of seeing a dad walking a foot....
    Like it was an entire mile
    The pure bliss of my first born’s gurgle cutting through the crisp may air
    His mother’s wan and tired smile after child’s birth
    A rare and previous memory!!!
    The flame and heat of the cemetery and my grandmother’s bones lie bare
    A thousand stars twinkling at me....
    From the pitch-black Maldivian sky
    The indifferent face of the American diplomat
    Blaming six hundred Afghan children’s deaths
    On “collateral damage”
    Five Amish couples giving a large portion of their donations
    To the widow and children of
    The mad man who shot and killed their offsprings
    Before turning the gun on himself.
    And a thousand other images
    Compete for space
    Through the wilderness of my mind’s landscape!!!!!

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