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    Saturday, 27 May 2017

    Go beyond...

     Superman, Spiderman, Marvel Girl … Aren’t we in awe of these fictional characters and their magical superpowers? 
    Naturally, yes! But that doesn’t mean that our lives are ordinary. Apparently, all humans have an innate superpower that we tend to overlook in chasing our daily goals.

    My secret superpower is, 
    "Going beyond the FINISHING  LINE" 
    Sounds to be crazy! Isn't? 
     Well, I would like to share how this super power works.
    Have you ever gone through this experience?
    You went for a morning jog and ran for a quite decent time and exhausted that you eventually gave up and sat on a bench. Then, all at once, you see a stranger running and now something inside you excites to lift up and run again for some time?

    Image result for images for jogging and sitting on a bench cartoon
    Life creates an imaginary finishing line on everyone’s path. This is life’s way of differentiating mediocrity from the legendary. The magic and miracles of life always unfold just beyond that imaginary finishing line.

    While writing poetry, the poet reaches a point when the next line does not flow. His mind goes blank. A good poet knows that if he can hold on just a little longer to get the next line of his poem, the perennial flow will once again take over.
    Life holds on abundance just beyond the finishing line. 

    So, I hold on a little longer not accepting what seems to be my finishing line because life sets a trap for us on every path we tread. Mediocrity is trapped by that virtual finishing line and people who strive beyond excel. So now, I will give tongue, how I go beyond the finishing line in all aspects of my artistic life.

    First of all, I divulge my goals often and make effort to excel in whatever I venture. When I uncover it, I get an urge to accomplish it without losing the zest for my life. This obsession connects me closely to my destiny which makes me capable of conscious choice, decision and intention. It is an incriminatory testimony I push myself into.

    Though letting on the goals is not an irksome task to do, the upshot after disclosing it matters a lot to me! The contiguous step after I divulge is to create my space to excel over there.
    I excel when I am intensely involved, & for that intense involvement, I need my own space which I need to bring into.
    In any discipline of life, when I create my own space, those who are getting near me, will be eventually be pushed away & when I excel with the space created, even those who are getting near me will watch me with admiration from distance. Of course, they will want to barge into my space, but they will not be able to match our enthusiasm and excellence.

     The moment there is a drop in intensity and excellence, space will start getting filled up & the day may come when I will get pushed out of the very space that was my own one day.  So we need to break our back to stay the same in our space. 
    So the secret is, "Go beyond the finishing line. There is a lot of space there; the victory lap is all yours as others have been left behind. Beyond the finishing line, space is huge and besides excellence continues."

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    With smiles...
    (Investing myself completely in the art of living)       


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