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    My crushed words

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    Life's too short to leave the important words unsaid!! consider things left unsaid and my thoughts unexpressed that may be valuable to u...& I promise you will have precious time !!!

    Wednesday, 30 November 2016

    Voice of love...!!

    We experience a lot in life, which enlighten us a great lesson that the books and curriculum cannot. Sometimes we feel great about what we learned from it & many times we forget to implement that in our lives. This is true especially for the experiences that are emotionally bonded to us.

    That was one fine evening on October 24; 
    I was sitting merely having my slambook opened & my mind enriched with the old memories.I was diverted abruptly and opened the chat as I heard the cling sound. It was the voice of love,my childhood friend Bhavadharini!

    We hardly had two conversations & maybe it’s true.....A best friend can find your tone even with the letters you type.She was very sharp & crisp,”temme love, what’s your problem?”. I smiled & typed “nothing”. She typed back angrily,”oh, nothing! Then bye...”I typed,”no bow (I usually call her so)...Today is her birthday, so I was plunged by all those old memories. Every year we used to enjoy this day like anything & never surmised that a few years later we will be apart like this. You very well know how we were. 
    She has been in all my extremes holding my hands tightly. Even if she can’t give better solutions at times, she never failed to cry along with me! Now nothing else is left than the misunderstandings. I earnestly don’t want to justify or being justified by anyone or any situation that prevailed exactly before 3 years, but still is everything over??????”

    She replied, “I can help a person caught in the jaws of a crocodile. But how can I help a person caught in the jaws of a crocodile, while all she has is just the picture of a crocodile under her feet? The past has no reality except in the memory in which it is processed.Yet, you are caught up in the whirlpool & pretending that your past is still real dear!! By abusing your todays over the regrets of the past, you endlessly lose your todays that could’ve been used to build up your tomorrow”

    I know she is right, but still, I didn’t break the silence.

    She continued, “Nothing is a greater retardant to growth than the burden of the emotional baggage of your past.So, to unburden yourself from the past & to offload your emotional baggage embrace “forgiveness”. This can be the most selfish thing you do in life to liberate yourself from the clutches of hatred. Guilt is as much a retardant as hurt. Liberate yourself from both, because when you don’t forgive others, you suffer from hurt: and when you don’t forgive yourself, you suffer from guilt. Remind yourself that you are only human & humans err...”

    I felt some profoundness in her words...but as she said, I remind,”am a human”. Sometimes our brain knows what is right, but it takes some time for the heart to realize it and honour it as well. Ha ha...I took these many  days!!!

    Yes! It’s better to have loved & lost than to have not loved at all. It’s better to be cheated than to be a cheat. It’s better to have suffered the  wrong than to have done the wrong.Bitter yesterdays can create better tomorrow with all the maturity we gained out of those experiences.

    So, I put a premium on my tears, so that I can encounter many more beautiful moments in my life, more worthy than my tears. There is a saying –“today can be the last day in your life”.This can be true in some cases, but equally true is the fact that today is the first day for the rest life.  I began today and you.....????

    With smiles..
      Swathi  💚
    (Investing myself  completely in the art of living)