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    Tuesday, 30 May 2017

    Dear Chetan Bhagat!

    It was just a dispute quite appealing to mind but a healthy conversation between my friend and me.
    I said him, “Chetan Bhagat, apart from novelist, young writer and all, I would rather say him a “beginner”, and changed Indian history of writing to turn by degrees to a different stage of advancement.”

    “He is not doing something that’s never been done in Indian history of writing before. I could give examples of love in all its forms in Tamil Literature alone and they are ancient ones too”, he defended.

    I laughed out loud and said, “So, you have examples of love in all its forms in Tamil literature. Fine, tell me one such example analogous to Chetan's,”One Indian Girl”. 
    Chetan was the first Indian writer who has enlivened feminism that is totally antithetic to Indian society.  And if could possibly find any relating plots to the “One Indian girl”, I would get back my words that, " he is a beginner”.

    He came out with two examples. But I argued the toss again and finally, he took the gospel and said, “Okay, I Overdid. I didn’t get my facts straight. But still you idolise Chetan way too much & I don’t see why”.

    I think my reply to his supposal needs to be outspoken. 

    I’m an avid Bibliophile and I have read books of versatile authors of Indian and foreign countries. I always loved  Paulo Coelho’s books and still love to read Sidney Sheldon’s books n time and no wow I love Harry Potter series a lot. The plain and unvarnished truth is that  I never loved more than four books of any Indian author.  Say I liked only “Midnight’s children" of Salmon Rushdie, “The Shadow Lines “of Amitav Ghosh, “Two lives” of Vikram Seth. I have admired no other books of these respective authors.
    Four books of Chetan impressed me, & I seriously lost the count how many times I read his 2 states novel.
    So here comes the reason for why.

    To my perspective, literature is useless unless it contributes to society.A good book should give the pleasure of reading as well as bring about a change in society. And, CB's  "Revolution 2020", "What young India wants", "Making India awesome" suits it good. 
    Writing doesn't mean to be extremely awesome if only you refer your dictionary for every single line. It can be awesome even if it is elegant and can bring about nationalism, fidelity and allegiance.

    Basically, Indians have very poor reading skills compared to other countries, especially in English literature. And Chetan  Bhagat’s novels sounds good, particularly for freshers to read and thus develop their skills.  No Indians author’s books are read by the teenagers except his. I know people who have adored books and literature by just starting with CB’s novels.

    Finally, this is the way of writing I wanted to adopt but he preceded me. Like it's the way I wanted to gracefully inculcate people through writing. So I was extremely impressed. But no worries I still have my fingers crossed to write on the education system in India and would make people realise what we were doing since years and give rise to a change one day! 

    So I would just draft my suggestions for Chetan Bhagat here!

    Dear CB,
                   Indeed, you are a page-turner writer. Your novels like "Revolution 2020", "What young India wants" really personify you as a sophistication category writer. But still, you are a mere mass writer and not a class writer. When you write for the youth of India, shouldn't you be deliberate that your written work contains the obligatory amount of spicy stuff in it? Aren't you thinking that you are infusing India below the belt?  Your risque story, blue jokes and racy anecdotes depict you as a Philistine with narcissistic personality who concentrates only on money laundering, by best-selling novels.  When people have to leave their prejudices, stereotypes, and conjectures before reading your books, what is the purpose of you writing it? I guess you probably underestimated the taste of Indian youths with your guilty pleasure novel "One Indian Girl". There are many who hate you just because of your toothsome fictions. And your novels cannot be a menace to the society. There are so many issues to be solved and changes to be made in India. So, you have plenty of content to write than a girl making love with three or more guys,Sir! Your nationalism influencing novels could be told on celluloid rather than Half girlfriend. Please do consider it done next up. No writer can reach the level you acclaimed and only a big gun like you can blaze a trail. A public figure shouldn't betray his country and people.  As a fervent admirer, waiting for you next conducive novel to rise a change over again with all my suggestions considered!

    My favourite quotes from my favourite litterateur are...
          1.  “When a woman comes into your life, things organise themselves.” 
          2.  “The world's most sensible person and the biggest idiot both stay within us. The worst part        is, you can't even tell who is who.” 
          3.  “Rules, after all, are only made so you can work around them”
          4.  “Sometimes life is not about what you want to do but what you ought to do”
                 Thanks to HAIMANTI DUTTA RAY who proposed this idea of writing about the favourite author and let my heart point-blank. Thanks, Indiblogger, the community of Indian bloggers, and Indispire which made to aid in the pursuit of intellectual happiness.   

        With smiles...
       (Investing myself completely in the art of living)


    1. For a change you may read my fun take on Chetan Bhagat at


    2. Reading four pages of Half Girlfriend, I promised myself that I would never read any of Chetan Bhagat's books. And to an extent, Preeti Shenoy's books too.

    3. He was my favourite author when I didn't know what was stereotyping.
      Now I do like him,he has the courage to write whatever he feels,truth that we won't say others or admit to ourselves.
      Sudeep nagakar is way worst than CB.
      Try Elizabeth Gilbert! She's wonderful 😍

    4. You are exactly right Ms.Ameena!
      It is human nature to not accept something unless the guy standing next to you says so too even though you know the person is great at whatever he is great at.
      And I have read "Committed" and "Big magic" of Elizabeth Gilbert's. I will try more if you suggest specifically.

      1. Big Magic is such a great book.That thing about elusive genius,it is so true,have experience it alot. I highly recommend Eat pray love. I read it like 5 times.Each time I read it I get a new meaning from it.That book literally changed my views about life.Do try it!

    5. Ah! Eat pray love! I guess it is told on celluloid, right? Okay, for sure I will read it
      and soon tell my review about it. Thank you so much! Keep contemplating!