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    Sunday, 14 May 2017

    The death knell

    "Life is full of uncertainties. Each day holds a surprise but whether it comes to us as sorrow or joy is unbeknownst to us."

    weekend writing prompt
    As she lounged on the couch with a salad bowl that contained finger fries, she began flipping through the channels. Eventually, she stretched out a bit and before she could recognise the fatigue, she fell asleep. Her husband wouldn’t be home at least for another five hours and the empty house resounded with her soft shallow breathing.

    As the squeaking sound of the teak wood rocking chair roused her from her kip, she perceived something wrong and got up from the sofa with a little nervousness, like it is an experience of fear that summons ghosts to us, because it was from the room which was unengaged since a year. When she turned the key and stepped in she was dumbfounded as she saw her father sitting across the room in that teak wood rocking chair. 

    As the surprise ended, she was happy that she met her father after years since she eloped. She called a spade a spade and spent cherishing minutes with her father that she didn’t notice the incessant rain outside, nor the bowl hovering on the floor amidst those scattered finger fries, nor the clanging sound of the pendulum clock. All she noticed was her father’s face which was riantly handsome than ever. Together, they put their cards on the table, and spoke openly about what they ventured in all those days they were apart. Between the conversations of her childhood and his advice for her future, she realised how much she missed him. Although they spoke for hours, it still didn’t seem enough for them. She felt as if she could sit with him forever holding his palm and all that mattered to her at that point of time was him. Only him.

    She was taken back by her senses when she heard the ring-back. As she picked the receiver, she realised something and gasped! It was indeed the death knell.
    “Come back India soon. His body will be taken to the Ghats of the Ganges tomorrow.”
    The receiver fell on the floor with a soft thud and the empty teak wood chair continued rocking. 

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