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    My crushed words

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    Sunday, 15 January 2017

    The road not taken

    At times, I wonder what life is, What’s the purpose of living, Why am I here, what did I dream of, what should I achieve in life, why only a few are successful & why some are not, why we are entitled to such a situation etc., Most people are not satisfied with what they have. And some of them claim that they are satisfied, but actually not!

    Alas, only very few actually feel that sense of satiety in life!

    When people go over different laps in their life, they tend to think that the lap they are in is not fine & could have been better. Say when we are in college, we feel our school life was the best, & after college, we think our college life was the best. When we are in our own country, we strive hard to go to some foreign destination, & when we are finally in that foreign nation, we think our own country was the best, & we should have not come here

    Whether it is a proven psychology or not, I am not sure, but human mind always aims for something or the other and have a sense of dissatisfaction when it fails.
    I suppose, no one is born with an objective. It’s the one that we create! It’s like when you are in school, your objective is to get a name in your school’s roll of honour. When you are at college, your objective is to enjoy the first few years & when you slid towards the end of your college life, your ultimate objective is to get a lucrative job or go for higher studies. When you are at a job, your objective is to go onsite or get a promotion. When you’ve spent a considerable amount of time at gaining work experience, your objective is to build a house and get married. When you hit your late twenties, your objective is to bring children into your life. When your children grew, your objective is to shape them towards a goal for their better lives. And these objectives metamorphose into new shapes when you drive into different laps of life.

    But why do the objectives in each lap remain the same for almost everyone? While these objectives are not predefined rule in the dossier, why most of us take the same road?

    I guess no one has the answer! But life goes on & on...and we run behind something as always! Isn’t it???

    Be it so! One thing I wanna make sure! I’m not going to take the same road like the most! I prefer, “The road not taken”. Let me be the next to “Robert Frost”(ha ha....)

    Yeah! I’m not studying just to make my CGPA high! I’m not studying just to add those two letters behind my name for it to be printed in my marriage invitation because I want to project to the world, “what I am” and not “what the world likes me to be”.

    Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will never happen to us & the same way when that great failure of my life gave me two chances of “regret” or “rejoices”, I preferred to rejoice. And I swear, when you rejoice, it is bliss! So why not you be after Swathi to prefer,”The road not taken”. 
    Try it, because there is so much of peace when one does not have to hide behind the mask to the world!

    With smiles...
    (Investing myself completely in the art of living)

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