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    Saturday, 28 January 2017

    Exemplars of eminence!

    The weekend cannot be healing your mind unless you have hectic weekdays. Finally, I gave my feet a rest in the terrace having myself fitted comfortably in the bean bag. The rustling leaves in the terrace and those emerald whorls of fronds susurrating in the breeze added a peaceful soundtrack to the scene and it felt like nature is talking to me. Oh! Not nature actually. Mom! 
    She screamed, “You wanna coffee or boost”. I said her, “coffee ma”. And in minutes, closing my eyes, I enjoyed the cool breeze and the cooing of birds along with my coffee!

    I rubbed my eyes hard. There sitting around me in cane chairs, sipping coffee holding the handle for portability of that glazed ceramic cup, were all the people I revered most.History makers who changed the way we lived & thought. Artists whose wisdom, compassion & love had transformed thousands. Ringed me around, they waited patiently for me to ask so that they could reveal. I was to know the secret to their enormity, "the guide to greatness".

    There was the great director, Mani Ratnam wiping his glasses with his kerchief, intently talking to Chetan Bhagat, who was influenced by his writings. Mahendra Singh Dhoni was in deep conversation with Sachin Tendulkar; so animated were their expressions that it was hard for me to tell who was inspired by the other.

    Dr.Abdul Kalam, the great legend, sat in silence, a soft smile on his face, but around him was a palpable presence of stillness that seemed to pervade the air. A.R.Rahman with his regular charm, drummed his fingers on the chair, lost in the world of music.

    Six people, six phenomenal lives! Without wasting a second, I took a deep breath & began....
    Were you born with the mark of greatness? Do I normal mortal, who have shown no indication of greatness yet, stand a chance of becoming a history maker?

    There was complete silence & I could only feel the rustling of leaves & the cooing of birds nested in the tree. A reminiscing chuckle from Sachin Tendulkar broke as he revealed that he had a great problem with studies, & had been a mediocre, withdrawn student.
    Mahi then spoke,”Even Albert Einstein was remarked to his mother as a dull child, then imagine us..” and laughed. A loud chortle then came from Chetan Bhagat as he shared his experiences on those classes he bunked just to date with his girlfriend!

    I laughed & reassured. These people were born like you and me human faltering, even unimpressive. However, obviously, something had happened to transform them into super-achievers from human beings.

    And I then continued....So, what was the defining moment...how did an ordinary human end up becoming so extraordinary?

    Abdul Kalam quiet for so long, suddenly spoke! 
    "That was when I had delivered a lecture “vision to mission” in Anna university, Chennai.The session got extended from morning to afternoon. As I was returning to my room in the evening the vice chancellor prof.Kalanidhi fell in step with me. After I reached my room, the phone was ringing. When I answered, a voice at the end said, “ The prime minister wants to talk to you....” Some months earlier, I had left my post as principal scientific advisor to the government of India, a cabinet level post. But as I spoke to the PM, Atul Bihari Vajpayee, my life was set for an unexpected change. It is only his words that took up my story from where the wings of fire left off.”
    I then realised that although some had become great through some sort of divine intervention, for many it was simply an instance, a small moment that created a deep impact. I also realised that any moment, when viewed with heightened awareness can become the defining moment. Whether it is viewing poverty outside her school for mother Teresa or Newton’s mind thinking about the apple that has fallen from the tree, awareness! I understood, had been an important cursor in all these great people’s journey. Besides awareness, was there anything else that they believed which helped them on their journey to greatness?

    The composed man seemed to arise out of his few precious words. ” It’s hard to quantify it. I make films that reach people. I don’t believe that to be mainstream. I think you can be logical aesthetic & still work with the mainstream format. That is what I try to do. I might fall sometimes but I’m not afraid to try. If it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work. I understand that and I try to get up and run again”

    Giving a nod to me, Chetan Bhagat said, “Life is not to be taken seriously, as we are really temporary here like a prepaid card with limited validity. If we are lucky, we may last another 50 years & 50 years is just 2500 weekends. Do we really need to get to worked up? It’s okay! Bunk few classes, goof up a few interviews and fall in love. We are people & not programmed devices.”

    Rahman’s booming voice broke....”Yeah! Somewhere my inner voice told me that my voice will have the power to wake up many & heal them. So I worked on it. All my life, I have had a choice of hate and love. I chose love and I’m here...”
    I finally got it! Greatness is indeed heightened awareness, self-belief, courage, faith & love.Then Mahi told me with a smile,” Have your coffee...it's getting cold"....I said.
    "Yeah sure Mahi, but why do you talk in my mom’s voice?”...

    Again a loud voice came, “ who is Mahi?”. I opened my eyes and rubbed it again & replied,”nothing mom”. She gave me the cup and said, here is your coffee” and continued,”you told that you have so many assignments to be completed but sitting here alone & gabbling?”

    I  replied, “nothing... nothing...I will do it after my coffee...” & started to sip my coffee! I then relaxed and felt good because it was really breathtaking even to be conceived of all these Exemplars of eminence connect over the most beautiful & simple issues.
    Greatness begins with heightened awareness, spring to being by a defining moment, be sustained by courage, strength & integrity, faith in oneself and determination! When all these conditions fused and merged, the individual becomes a force to reckon with, & capable of creating a whole revolution. 

    With smiles...
    (Investing myself completely in the art of living)


    1. Greatness eh? It is said that history is written by winners. A guy asked me this. "Newton might as well have discovered gravity from Shit literally from when he was taking his morning dump. But why did it have to be an Apple?"(excuse my language, this is exactly what the guy asked me.)

      This Got me thinking, we know it was an Apple only because it was said to us that it was. Besides look how many ages the story has survived just because it was an Apple. Apple is appealing to people. Shit is Not. How many other people with the exact same qualities as Dr Abdul Kalam do you know? I'm sure there are many others. But if he hadn't become the president? Music and Stories speak for themselves. so I am leaving the rest out of this. How many local team captains have skills more than Dhoni or Tendulkar? Again, many.

      Is it greatness if it Depends on so many factors and not to mention, the luck? What is greatness but an illusion? I'm not saying these people didn't work hard or didn't go through hardships. I'm saying the became great only because they were made so. By the Media mostly and whatnot?

      Everybody is great at something, they are not recognized because it is human nature to not accept something unless the guy standing next to you says so too eventhough you know the person is great at whatever he is great at. People didn't know you were a good writer until you started blogging. You didn't think I was good at contemplation or commenting until I started commenting. I won't be called Great though I might already be, unless a whole lot of people accept it, that too, only if they come to know, not to mention a dozen other factors. You are just not Great if you are just Great!

      1. I simply wanted to promote quotes of few winners who wrote history as you said. And I distinctly chose them because I agree with their views with gusto and without any reservation which I feel is also worthwhile for us to hit a home run. Anyways that wasn't my thoughts for the reason I can't change such legends words.

        Okay, chuck that! Greatness, eh?
        Let me recount a fable for you.

        A turtle was sunning himself on a log in the river. Suddenly, he saw a crocodile's head sticking out of the water right beside him. The turtle slid off the log and paddled to the shore. The crocodile followed with his mouth wide open. The turtle climbed onto the bank and ran fast as he could, but the crocodile was gaining on him. Just then, the turtle spotted a tree and started climbing it. The crocodile couldn't catch him after all because everybody knows that a crocodile cannot climb trees.

        Now your conditioned and logical mind can retort, "It may be an exciting tale, but it isn't true to nature. No, doubt, a crocodile cannot climb a tree, but neither can a turtle."
        Heck! you have to retort. LOL

        If I were to push you down a valley, and if your will to survive was strong enough, even you would develop wings and fly to safety. If we want to survive in the emerging times, then turtles will have to learn to fly. Yes, indeed there are so many people with the exact qualities of Dr.Abdul Kalam. But, his ability to think the unthought lifted him from DRDO to ISRO. Again there are so many local captains who have skills more than Dhoni or Tendulkar. But, there was a deserving factor like extraordinary effort or exploration in which the other local captains would have failed. You were cogent that they become great only because the were made so by media or what not, isn't?
        But I suppose we are caught up in the crowd even by the media if only we are deserving among so many local captains. I guess Dr Abdul Kalam flew about the place to ISRO in the year 1969, and the media was not that influencing as like now how they stranglehold people not based on talents but by the money.

        "Everybody is great at something, they are not recognised because it is human nature to not accept something unless the guy standing next to you says so too even though you know the person is great at whatever he is great at."
        haha...This is finespun!
        Anyways, I loved your message,"You are not just great if you just great."

    2. Wow Excellent conversation! You both make a best pair of intelectuals and really appeals to us!
      Keeping rocking guys!
      I think the comments can again be blogged.