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    Sunday, 25 June 2017

    A breakthrough!!!

    For over two decades, a beggar was sitting on a box placed outside a temple, pleading for alms from every shadow that passed by him. One day a master, who was coming out of the temple, walked up to the beggar and enquired, “What is inside this box?” 
    Knowing that he had never received any change from the master, the beggar was not too interested in paying attention to the master. So he disinterestedly mumbled, "what do I know?" never cared to look. I found this box when I turned up here for the first time and ever since I have been sitting on it". 

    The master said,"Just open it and see!"

    With years of practised lassitude, the beggar was too reluctant to even get rid of the box and look into it. He did not pay much heed to the master's words. Repeating, "Some change, please..." he eyed the next object that passed by him.
    The master, the beggar opened the box, 'Lo and behold'! 
    The box was filled with treasure.

    The same applies to all of us, but the master can be the almighty or our inbuilt confidence or strength. When we are born, we were given this whole world as our birthday gift. Consumed by the preoccupation of the begging, most people leave this planet without even ripping open the gift wrapper of this providential gift called life.

    The responsibility of every master is to remove from us that which we never have had but always believed we have and also give that which you always have but believe that we did not have. A Master does not add any riches to us but reveals the riches that we already have. A breakthrough is never growth added but is growth revealed.
    So, just open your box and see!

    With smiles... 
    Swathi Mohan 

    (Investing completely in the art of living)

    1 comment:

    1. I believe we have everything, we just don't know we do or we turn a blind eye sometimes.

      And as humans, even if we do, we don't put it to good use.

      Well said though.