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    My crushed words

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    Thursday, 29 December 2016

    The best lesson of 2016

    The best lesson I learnt in 2016 is that,

    “We can never judge our past with today’s maturity& we should learn from our past by understanding it with today’s maturity.”   

    We had been friends for years. Though our approach to each & everything in life and our likes & dislikes was the same, we‘d huge misunderstandings with each other because of three things that I feel is entirely my fault.

    First, in the relationship of two (me and my EX bestie) I somewhere knowingly or unknowingly left the third person to poke her nose in our issues.

    Second, though I  had a great care and love for her& her life, the way I expressed it to her was little harsh.

    Third, I never ended the arguments left unsolved and fruitlessly carried it to the next day. Often we walked out on each other right in the middle of the discussion, leaving the other seething with rage, with that precise intention.

    On countless occasions, I felt she was not as she used to. These happened in the transition period of grade 11 & 12.But in the same period, we also had some wonderful moments together during the lunches & dinner without speaking a word or exchanging glares, feeling only the warmth of each other sitting beside. They were almost like the proverbial needle in the haystack kind of a thing. All our struggles to continue our friendship fetched us a lot of heartaches exactly before three years.

    The woe is I thought all those memories have left a very bad taste in both our mouths. But it is not so! The past has hung like an albatross over me alone because somewhere around August of this year, I called her in a deep chaos and regret  & when I queried something about the misunderstandings we had, she replied these exact words in a sarcastic tone,”hey....It has been around three years & how could you expect me to remember all that stuff I had with you”
    Her tone & the words let me in a shock. But then I was able to get a clear vision that 
    I cannot rewrite the past. I can only ensure a wonderful present and a glorious future.

    In the 2nd standard, I scored 85 in arithmetic. If I am given the same question paper today, I will score full marks. But how can I compare my arithmetic scores in class two with today’s maturity? 
    I will be a fool to do so. So, circumstances prevailed once may be ridiculously simple for me today. I believe that I‘ve grown mature with the passage of time.

    So, I learnt the idea how to salvage bliss& happiness, love & affection from the debris of bad experiences and I think this is the best lesson I learnt in 2016.

    With smiles...
    (Investing myself  completely in the art of living)