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    Saturday, 25 February 2017

    Isn't a God afterall....

    There is a modern saying.
    “Religion is meant by common people as true, by the wise as false and by the rulers as useful”
    You may all astound why she talks about religion now!
    We are all Hindu in our class except one who is a Muslim & this Muslim girl incited me to write on Religion now! She is a tall girl with somewhat dark complexion wearing the Hijab. She possesses good qualities of sharing, caring, and helping. But when it comes to the attitude she shows on others regarding the religion it makes me disquieted. Her belief towards other religion was considered to be inferior as compared to her religion which she thought was superior. This superior feeling made her disrespect other religious practices.

    She used to create a dramatic work and show off during those fasting periods for Ramzan while criticising others gravely. She often expresses the low estimation she has on those who abstains on some special occasions in accordant with Hindu’s culture. Absolutely this attitude of her made you listen to my heart now!

    We may pray to Christ or Ganesha or Allah or any other name we call him by. If I am in trouble & ask for his help, I’m sure one of them will come. But then, how do I know whether the force that helped me was a half-human half-elephant or someone draped in white wearing long hair or someone with no form?????
    We don’t even know who helped us!!

    Would Christ say, “yes, I’m available but you’ve always prayed to Allah so you have to wait till he gets free” and just leave you in distress?????

    Rather if I were dying on the road & let’s say I’m Hindu by birth, would I refuse to be rushed to the hospital by a person from the Islamic faith?
     Would I just rather die, or lie there in the hope that another Hindu would come to my succour?
    What if he just walks fast, not wanting to get involved in a police case? Or perhaps, I would rather be run over by a Hindu bus driver! Really!????

    Lord Jesus Christ ever attends to those who worships Ganesha & Ganesha bails out people of the Islamic faith & Allah his benevolence touches every life, irrespective of which religion they follow. For it’s only us “humans” that discriminate; A god that discriminates isn’t a god after all. We must understand that we may be divided but god is one.
    One thing that never fails to make me proud of our nation is the secularism. We are born in the land where Dr.Abdul kalam, a secularist in true sense was born. Maybe her immature thoughts or superiority complex, I don’t really understand. 
    I didn't post this to comment on any issues that happened. This is my heart’s unspoken words and nothing else!

    With smiles...
    (Investing myself completely in the art of living) 


    1. "A god that discriminates isn’t a god after all.", Precise.
      I'm not an atheist. I'm a man of science. After all I have learnt and understood, I still can't begin to fathom the insignificance of my existence albeit the ripples it emanates on those around me and theirs subsequently on others' and slowly spreading to the edge of the universe which may or may not exist which might or might not have been created by a superficial entity presumed by sentient beings who have hardly made any progress at all towards realising the complexity of existence. I still don't know the purpose of my existence. Why EVERYTHING IS. Fight over an entity presumed existent by something supposedly created by the very same entity should it even be called an entity as it may not even have a form, again supposedly, seems vague and unnecessary. With so many unknowns should we really be arguing over what the IT should be named? One thing's for sure. IT ought to exist. IT better exist. Let's hope we were intended to exist by something otherwise, the universe is doomed. I believe we were intended. Also one other thing is I can't find the reason for this compulsion in man to find a reason for something to exist, exactly like I need a reason as to why the compulsion in man exists. I think God is just a substitute reason or something like that, and naturally a reason won't need a reason to exist. See, God is irrelevant to our existence, not totally but hardly negligible irrelevance. Crap my mind's spinning out of control. We'll take break here. I'll comment later on some other post.

    2. Wow!!! " A reason won't need a reason to exist"
      But I wonder why does truth takes much time to be caught up??
      Why does it prefers the culmination ever???
      So I deem again..."A reason won't need a reason to exist"
      Thanks Rohith! It's Smart as a whip as always!!!!