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    Life's too short to leave the important words unsaid!! consider things left unsaid and my thoughts unexpressed that may be valuable to u...& I promise you will have precious time !!!

    Saturday, 4 March 2017

    Feb 14....

    There is a lady in every home, who wakes up earlier than the rest of us and sleeps later than all of us. She does not have casual leave, privilege leave or sick leave. No holidays. Can you surprise her with a special card or gift? Can she be the focus of Valentine's day!
     What about the man in the house, who has been working to ensure each one of your life is better than his own life?
     Can you go beyond the curtains of ego and demonstrate your love to him in the most unexpected ways this Valentine's day? He needs you.

    There is a teenager at your home, who is confused, "Am I an adult or a child?". Can your little one have a date with you this Valentine's day; absolute, uninterrupted quality time!

    How about a family reunion of all relatives and bring back the family bondage, togetherness, fond memories, laughter and tears, rekindling the magic of family ties and love?
     Let the annual festivity of Valentine's day continue, but let us also bring an expanded meaning to love. 
    Let loving and being loved to cleanse every being that it meets on the way. Let love be multi-directional and never uni-directional!

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