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    Monday, 3 April 2017

    Unorthodox antidote

    My eyes glazed over, mind drifted off, and a pall descended on me. The only convincing thing was that the class was running to be topped off in next five minutes. And I was definitely waiting for that “unorthodox antidote” to boredom in the classroom. (he …he..)

    You will be illogically befuddled, but this is me! I’m that one who favours this “unorthodox antidote”, the so-called library in my dictionary! But I’m sure, you’ll not be bemused when you start enjoying the ambience of my college library, that will urge you to be an embodiment of a bibliophile as me!

    So, I vacated my classroom for next hour which was little leisure, taking my notepad which I regularly used to the library after the bell clangored throughout the building.
    I usually take steps rather than the lift. Then I made my entry recorded and placed my note on that Valerie grain wood furniture & took the book and started to read. 

    A few minutes later, I peeped out behind the book & checked her out from the corner of my eyes as she scraped the chair against the floor that heard clearly as the entire milieu was silent. But, then her regular beautiful smile neglected the little irritation I had, due to that unpleasant scraping sound & made me smile back at her. She is indeed my library mate whom I never find elsewhere in the college campus. I again continued to read. 
    Two things that made me emphatic to write about my library are the ambience and the innately gracious librarian and his assistants.
    I believe in the cognitive error that the students today are finding the classes increasingly intolerable because virtually everything outside of the classroom is on speed dial and obviously the professor’s lecture seems to be in slow motion. While all the regarding studies remain an obscure field, my college library transcends all recoveries that I can think of, to those boredom classes in the afternoon.

    It is at its brilliant &radiant beauty and this kinda resplendency creates a setting where we students feel free to pursue the research and study without compromising our privacy & safety. It has several books and merely 10,000 journals and e-journals and beyond that variety of spaces for tranquil study. Librarians and assistant librarians take prodigious and over-the-top attention to protect the physical integrity of these books, journals & other resources which form the intellectual core of my “unorthodox antidote”.

    Emphatically, words cannot express my ineffable ecstasy. It is one place where I renovate & refurbish what I was & what I'm going to be in life. It is a fudge-factor for my depth of awareness. It is not only the eternal treasure enduring the memorials, or the trustiest building for the preservation of imperishable resources, it is my love! It ameliorates my mind & thoughts. And my unshaken conviction is that my imagination on paradise will never be without a library. 

    My college principal Dr.S.Arumugam has a great endeavour in making my library this much astonishing for us. With the same augmentative exaltation, I waved my hands expressing my sayonara to that girl who drew the attention of mine scraping the chair against the floor, I left the library. My beingness for one more year in my college will definitely garner and hold back many more overwhelming memories in my life in case of the library.

    My special thanks to my chief librarian Mr S.Anandaraj M.A., M.LIS., M.Phil who supported me to carry through all the protocols for getting images of my college library, a treasure of knowledge

    With smiles...
    (Investing myself completely in the art of living)

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