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    Sunday, 6 August 2017

    Unforgettable friend

    One day I caught myself smiling for no reason, and then I realized I was thinking of you!
    Hey it’s really crazy, right? How can I just be apart from you go months and years without talking to you, but still, you cross my mind every day!

    As much as I dislike all the fuss that is made out of that one day, I must admit, it reminds me of my old friend. The friendship that was close to my heart and is cherished even today.

    Jeevitha Lena! I mean it.

    I could recollect the moment when our friendship was born!

    It was when I was mumbling an item song and you heard it little and found the song. I was embarrassed a bit. After a few seconds, you said, “What? You too like this song?” *LOL*
     And that’s when we strangers started to make memories, in fact, a fairy tale!

    Yeah! We have made. I still cherish those moments with you when we were together spending times in all scouts and guide camps, in all “Work experience” hours, in all Math special classes in the evening.

    In every lunch, we have had together, and I had been your crime partner every time. And do you remember we had been the negotiators? 
    (Yeah negotiators, it’s better if she alone understands this :P).

    We had been together in the shot put practices. And I still die laughing how crazily we get caught in kho-kho matches, running here and there hastily and clumsily. While we had been rocking on all throw ball and dodge ball matches. I always love me calling you with the name I used to call you. *LOL*

    You have been to abroad all of a sudden and we had no contact in the mean time. I tried all ways of contacting you. Finally, I came to know that you were not in India.
    I missed you very bad. And whenever I missed you, I would look up at the sky and feel better for the fact that we are still under the same sky! When I just gave up after years, you pinged me all at once. And that day was the most delighting day in my life, the day when my tears had come into contact with my smiling lips.

     It has been around ten years of friendship and we have not met each other since you came from abroad. But it was not as like before. Missing you became easy for me now, because I think you are now just one day further away from the last time I saw you, and you are one day closer to the next time I will see you. 

    God! Please let us meet soon! 

    Probably we would have made some hundreds of secrets, thousands of jokes, and millions of memory. But, they all bestowed to be a reason for one beautiful thing so called our friendship!

    Life moves on, but memories don’t.
    You may have gone away,
    but our friendship is right here…
    in my heart.
    I miss you diiiiiii....I love you!

    With smiles...
    Swathi Mohan
    (Investing myself completely in the art of living)

    No, your stupid friend...!

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    Unforgettable friend because it's hard to forget someone who gave me so much of memories.

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