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    Friday, 14 July 2017

    Maturity -thoughts

    Maturity is
    1.      When you realize *maturity is deliberate of your attitude and not your age.*
    2.      When you lose an argument to win a relationship.
    3.      When you realize that books are the best gifts you can ever give or get.
    4.      When you just stop looking for the "likes" on Facebook.
    5.      When you realize that your school teachers are irreplaceable.
    6.      When you come to understand the difference between love and crush.
    7.      When you start prioritizing your works.
    8.      When you realize that the technology now is 4 to 5 decades ahead of your concepts in Engineering.
    9.      When you realize that too much of perfection is never worth to live in this world.
    10. When you realize how much the social networking sites project you fake.
    11. When you stop exaggerating at someone who gives opinions on sex in general.
    12. When you realize that life is short to look at things very serious.
    13. When you realize that just a sheet of paper filled with marks can't decide your future.
    14. When you realize that doctors are not God. They just comfort you in your tough times if you have money.
    15. When you stop failing the student to intentionally reduce his internals just to revenge him.(If you are a professor in engineering college especially)
    16. When you start realizing that the world doesn't run only because of love. Yes. Selfishness overrules.
    17. When you stop pronouncing *Bandage* for Band-aid :P
    18. When you realize that trusting someone who betrayed you is the most foolish thing you can ever do.
    19. When you realize that technology is also a suppressor, not to the world. But to the individual.
    20. When you stop expecting your professors to care for you and motivate in all aspects because 89% fails to do.
    21. When you start realizing that people are more important than money.
    22. When you start smiling just to ignore people who have hurt you, instead of taking revenge on them.
    23. When you realize that marriage is a socially admitted license to have sex. (* yes! sex. Hope you are matured enough not to exaggerate it*)
    24. When you realize that I’ m matured enough because I did n’t write sex in bold letters. :p :p
    25. But maturity is when you realize that all these will be known to you only when you come across. :p ( After all, maturity starts when the drama ends and hence is life)

    With smiles…
    (Investing myself completely in the art of living)

    PS: By the way, this is my answer on Quora which got "nK" views and Many messages!