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    Thursday, 6 December 2018

    It is felt

    Ever since the beginning, the girl's family disagreed  to her relationship with the boy. Due to the pressure applied by the family members, she frequently quarreled with him. And the boy, just silently, allowed her to continuously release her anger on him.

    Later the boy graduated from university. He planned to study further overseas, but before he left, he proposed to the girl. 
    "I don't know how to say nice words, but I do know, I love you. If you agree, I'm willing to take care of you, the whole life. About your family members, I will work hard to convince them and get them to agree with us." 

    Looking at the honesty of efforts shown by the boy, both the girl and her parents agreed. Before the boy could go overseas, they performed the engagement. The girl stayed back in the hometown, and the boy continued his studies abroad. They maintained their relationship through telephone and letters.

    One day, the girl met with an accident. As she regained consciousness in the hospital, surrounded by her parents, she realized how seriously she was hurt & how fortunate she was to be still alive. Looking at her parents in a flood of tears, she attempted to comfort them, but only to know that she had become mute due to the accident. According to the doctors, the injury had affected a portion of her brain & that had made her mute & she will be so, for the rest of her life.

    Later, the girl got discharged from the hospital. But she could never come out of her depression. Returning to her home, everything seemed like it was before; but every time  the phone rang, she went through her worst nightmares. She decided not to be a burden to the boy. 

    So, she wrote a letter to the boy telling him, that the relationship between them is over. She even returned the engagement ring. Letters kept pouring from the boy, but they just managed to cause tears in hers. She was not ready to change her minds.

    Her father decided to help her to move on with her life. He put her in classes to learn the sign language. He encouraged her to start  life all over again. One day the girl's best friend informed her that the boy is back, & he has been searching her all around. For more than a year, there was no news of the boy. One day, her best friend told her that the boy is getting married soon, and passed the wedding card, but she found her name on the card.

    Before she could ask her friend anything, the boy appeared in front of her. In sign language, he told her, " I have spent more than a year to learn sign language. I have not forgotten the promise. Give me an opportunity, & I'm willing to take of you, the whole life. Let me be your voice."

    Her tears turned into a smile. His smile turned into tears. After all, love is not heard. It is felt.

    With love,
    Swathi Mohan
    (Investing myself completely in the art of living)

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    1. Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing on your feed and I am hoping you write again very soon!