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    My crushed words

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    Friday, 16 March 2018

    Secret's secret

    On a random day, a text message pops up, something similar, which says:
    ·         “I want to share something very important with you. Promise me, you will             keep it secret.”
    ·         “A, can I ask you something?” Please don’t mind.

    Curiosities from all over the world come to your mind. What are they going to share/ask?
    Where your heart starts beating at the speed of light. And lots of questions/probabilities/scenarios/dark secrets start running through your mind.
    You say, “Yeah sure go ahead. Shoot.”
    And here you get the legendary reply,
    ·         “Leave it, I can’t share it with you.”
    ·         “I won’t ask, You will get angry.”
    Yeah right???? 

    After having all those curiosities, that you have created in my mind, you reply with this!? Well, in these situations I have my own reply;“OK.”

    This kinda reply makes me irritated, but still, it happens.

    But, this is not the end. In case they share your secret. A secret for which you have sworn that you will take it to your grave. And suddenly, you come to know about that secret from a third person.
    And you were like, how did you come to know about this? It has to be secretive. And they reply, “Well! he/she (Mostly she) told me not to share with anyone.” Please let it be a secret.
    Now you have sworn another oath about the secret to keeping it secret, where you already know the secret.

    SECRET    is something you tell everybody to tell nobody.
    And now you don't tell anyone. Okay? 

    With smiles...
    Swathi Mohan
    (Investing myself in the art of living)

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