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    My crushed words

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    Saturday, 17 March 2018

    We haven't!

    Our life began with the 60-rupee toy car. When it broke we cried. Then we upgraded ourselves to the 2000-rupee remote controlled car.When that got damaged we wept. Then we gifted the 20,000-rupee battery operated car. When that stopped functioning, we were depressed. Then came the 4 lakh car, after that 22-lakh SUV, followed by  36-lakh luxury Sedan. And every time something happened to this machine, whether a scratch or a dent, the mercury of our tensions and worries went up. All in all, it seems our toys have grownbut we haven't.

    "Why does she tell this now?"

    You wonder, right?

    I don't mean literally 'toys' here. But this one, ' but we haven't'...I mean it literally!

    Today I write this post because it really pains to see someone who guarded her life so well, & never reacted to any rumour being ridiculed for her death.

    They say beauty and talent are a rare combination. She was!

    Though she was an introvert, she was considerate, conservative and accommodating with all the people she worked with. She was always busy with heavy call sheets, shuttling between shooting spots and dubbing studios. Yet she was extremely professional, courteous, very respectful towards every technician. She was flexible and calm, & never threw tantrums. She stayed away from the spotlight to bring her children up. Her success & career were commendable that no other actor could have worked across so many languages in so many films.

    Yes! I'm talking about actress Sridevi Kapoor.


    People knew her say that she was a very strong-willed woman, who could take her own decisions. However, she depended a lot on her family- father, mother, sister, brother in the early stages of her career and eventually on her husband.

    Well, that's not something I wanted to talk about.

    She was mercilessly trolled a week before.

    I would rather say, conspiracy theorists worked overtime about her death, gossips 'revealed' her private life, other spoke of cosmetic procedure & of slimming pills.

    She was trolled for the fact that she boozed and died that she no more deserves to be embalmed and be cremated with state honour. It genuinely leaves me in a daze. How can people be so impractical and unsporting?

    What if, she drinks? People have been brewing for thousands of years. Don't we come across women being beaten by drunken husbands in the newspapers daily?

    She took a break from acting just to raise her two daughters. She was not seen very often; either on-screen or off it. I read a beautiful experience shared by Priyadharshan, acclaimed filmmaker. He mentioned about Sridevi's birthday party he had taken part, where Sridevi had told her younger daughter Janhvi to pull her dress up in front of him. Surprised Priyadharshan had asked her about it and she had replied, "Priyan, this generation is ignorant. Modern dresses are okay, but one needs to be respectable also"

    When people good for nothing contributing null to the nation can still drink and hurt others, what bothers some to troll such a kinda woman who brought unreasonable and inordinate self-esteem to our nation?

    Didn't we all take pride in her success antecedently?

    Or, does it mean that her attributes and entity were counterfeit and make her an imposter? No. Right? 

    The Maharashtra government made arrangements for the elaborate event and the Mumbai police band joined them. She was honoured with a gun salute and draped in the national flag. It was indeed an accolade done for her talents, hard work, passion and determination she had for her career and the awards fetched.

    So, don't troll just as you wish. Social media is powerful, not this way!

    Now, go back to the first stanza. You will reach out to my idea.

    With smiles...

    Swathi Mohan
    (Investing myself completely in the art of living)

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