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    Sunday, 18 March 2018

    Attitudinal handicaps

    I could recall a young woman whom I came across one day. Manoeuvring her wheelchair outside an aquarium, a smile on her face, an infant on her lap and another older child running by her side, she was a picture of resilience. I was moved and inspired by her zest for life. I don't know about whether her disability was from birth or caused by an accident, but I know that she had found a way around it. And nothing could stop her from going after what she wanted. She had decidedly become the master of her body with an attitudinal advantage, raising the bar to a completely different level.

    In that case, don't you think many of us are attitudinal handicaps?

    When something doesn't work our way, many a time we give up on it without making too much of an effort. In the face of a hurdle, we try to go around it instead of over it, only to be faced with it again a little later.

    What one needs more than anything else to live a great life is the right attitude!

    When we find ourselves in a dark tunnel, we have to remind ourselves that there is light somewhere. on learning to embrace life with the fullness of our capacities, we will begin to experience a liberation that comes from the knowledge that nothing can hold us back from getting what we want if only we can wrestle the inertia at the beginning. There are countless inspirational stories about people who have risen against all the odds to ride the waves of success and all they possessed at the starting point was the right attitude!

    They moved on, one step at a time, allowing nothing to hold them back. The future awaits us. 

    With smiles...
    Swathi Mohan
    (Investing myself in the art of living)

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